What is Special Ed Lesson Plans All About?

Hi Everyone! My name is Quynh and I have been a Special Education teacher for 12 years. I mostly work with students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism at the high school level.

Over the years, I have taught almost every subject our school offered to my students: Math, English, History, Science, Life Skills, Career Preparation, and Work Awareness and Transition.

One thing I always had trouble with is finding pre-made materials that really worked with my students and were made specifically for their learning types. It was also impossible to find materials that my high school students could relate to.

I believe that when we use real pictures, show videos of real people etc., these skills become more relevant to our students and help them learn and generalize skills across multiple settings.

That’s when this website, Special Ed Lesson Plans was born. My 2 goals are to teach students with disabilities how to be as independent as possible in order for them to reach their potential and improve their quality of life AND to make the lives of Special Education Teachers everywhere easier, so you can focus your time and energy on all of the other responsibilities you have as teachers.

I know we all wear multiple hats and have a lot resting on our shoulders as teachers, let me make this part of your life easier, by providing lessons and materials for your classrooms!

If there is ever a subject you would like to request or have any questions at all contact me using the form below or email me at quynh@specialedlessonplans.com. I’m here to help you and Speducators everywhere!

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