An Important Key To A Successful Classroom

There are a lot of things that you can attribute to a successful classroom; your instruction, relationship with students, your ability to manage the classroom and difficult behaviors, and so much more. Of all the classrooms I have taught in, one of the biggest reasons why my classroom has been successful is because of my instructional assistants and staff.


Invest in your staff. They are an extension of you.


My classroom would not be what it is (or was) if it wasn’t for my staff, who are essentially an extension of who I am. When you are all on the same page and understand our population, how to teach students with disabilities, how to maintain positive relationships, consistently deal with difficult behaviors, and manage the classroom, your classroom will thrive and run smoothly. Of course, there will always be hiccups, but you will know how to assess, deal with, and move past them efficiently.


One way you can do this is sit down and talk to them. Give them access to IEPs or educate them on each student, their strengths and needs, any strategies to use when working with them, behavior plans etc. When the students see you as a united front and understand the CONSISTENT expectations and rules of your classroom, they will learn to trust you and the safe environment you provide for them.


Our students are smart. They know who they can pull one over on, or get away with certain behaviors around. They also know who they respect and can trust. Invest your time in your staff and how your classroom will be run, it will lead to a successful environment. You will learn as you go, change the plan, and develop what works for you all. But let me tell you, there is nothing like it when something crazy goes down in your room and all you have to do is look at your staff and realize everyone knows exactly what to do without even saying it. That’s when you know you’ve made it and will continue to succeed. 


I know I could never thank them all enough, but the reason why I am the teacher I am today is because of all of you. You all know who you are and I owe my success as a teacher to every one of you.

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