Tips For Writing A General Present Level Of Performance

Keep in mind the purpose of this part of the IEP is to give a full picture of the student. If someone who does not know your student picked up this document, they should be able to get a clear understanding of the student.

Information to be included in the general present level of performance:

  • Eligibility Statement (What the student is diagnosed with and when the most recent evaluation took place)
  • Current grade level and courses they are enrolled in
  • What services they are receiving (I.e. Speech and Language, OT, PT etc.)
  • Brief description of the student (do they wear glasses? Do they sit in a wheel chair? Do they require specific equipment? Are they nonverbal? Do they use a communication device? Etc.)
  • Medical information
  • Allergies and/or medications they may take (even if it is at home)
  • Behavior strategies or plans they may have
  • Any behavioral issues or difficulties the student might have
  • Do they need assistance in the restroom or eating in the cafeteria? What other needs should the team be aware of to best meet the needs of the student?
  • Current academic information (based on your classroom assessments, what level are they functioning at? What are they demonstrating in your class?)
  • What state assessment are they participating in?
  • Parent concerns
  • Brief description of how they are doing in each class (provided by other teachers)

*Specific level of performance for academics will be in another document*

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