To First Year Teachers (Brand New or Career Switchers)

The first year of teaching is almost the most difficult year a teacher will have in their career, but also the most unforgettable. It is so difficult to prepare for all the new experiences you are about to go through: being in front of and teaching YOUR students, meeting with parents, collaborating with other teachers, lesson planning, and keeping your sanity as you go through the emotional journey of year 1.


I want to prepare you for what lies ahead. It will definitely be hard. You will put tons of time into those special education lesson plans, finding and making materials on multiple levels, learning how to manage your classroom, difficult behaviors, and other staff you may have to work with. Not to mention all the PAPERWORK and IEPS!!!


BUT, I will also tell you, there’s NOTHING that compares to your first, FIRST day of school, or your FIRST classroom of students, and all those firsts that you will carry with you for your entire teaching career. You will go through a roller coaster of emotions and phases in your first year, but you can do it.


My advice: surround yourself with a team of teachers who will help raise you up, who you can learn from, and who can help mentor you through your first year. I had a great mentor my first year and over my career, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who share my vision as a teacher. Honestly, I owe it to them that I’m still here. Find your #teachersquad.


If you don’t have one or are the only teacher in your program, email me 😊 I’ll be happy to help if I can. As you start preparing mentally for this next school year, take a deep breath, you got this!!!

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