Workbox Ideas To Support Vocational Training & Career Preparation

Some of our students are not able to travel to job sites daily to work on certain skills. There are many soft and hard skills they can work on in class while they start and continue through their vocational training. Workboxes are a good way to introduce and practice vocational skills. There is a wide variety of activities that you can adapt to meet the need of ever level of learner.

Here are some workbox ideas for your classroom, you can change them based on the level of student you have, good luck!

  • Sorting decks of cards
  • Putting erasers on pencils
  • Folding and sorting socks
  • Cleaning off dry erase boards
  • Sorting (marbles, beans, towels, writing utensils, erasers, tools, popsicle sticks, plastic bears, coins, anything etc.)
  • Assembling packets (paper in folders)
  • Assembling silverware (fork, knife, and spoon- tie with rubber band or wrap in a napkin)
  • Index cards (use a little index card box with tabs for each letter, write a bunch of words on the cards and have students sort by first letter)
  • Alphabetizing index cards
  • Sorting silverware (in the utensil trays)
  • Assembling pizza boxes or fast food kid meal bags
  • Organizing crayon boxes (8 crayons per box, making sure each box as 1 of each color)
  • Mailing practice (laminate labels and envelopes and have students put the address and stamp in the correct spot)
  • Mail sorting (make fake mail or just papers with last names on them and have students put in a mailing box)
  • Screwing on nuts/screws
  • Take pictures of certain screws on bolts and have students assemble accordingly (they also have colored screws you can sort and assemble)
  • Screwing on lids (bottles)
  • Folding towels
  • Assembling baggies (in each Ziploc bag- make on as an example or have a picture of it- 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 salt, 1 pepper, 1 napkin OR 1 pencil, 1 pen, 1 eraser, 1 paperclip etc.)
  • Assembling patterns of beads based on an example
  • Using fake money and baggies, have students put a certain amount in each baggie (write amount on bag or in a card and put into the bag)
  • Shoe tying boxes or zippers
  • Tasks lists to follow
  • Putting clothespins onto a box or string (helps with fine motor skills)
  • Sequencing card activities
  • Put in activities
  • Matching or counting activities ­­
  • Data entry cards (with either words, sentences, phrases, or paragraphs for students to copy on the computer)

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